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The Tree Problem!
Some of you may have noticed that, occasionally, when you build a house over a tree, the game might crash. The reasons for this eluded me until today, when I to...
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Full Version Now Free!
Hey everyone! My Pet Kingdom is now free for all! My idea behind giving My Pet Kingdom a sale price to begin with was that it would encourage me to make a finis...
New "Big Mode" added, plus extra track in the OST
This new version of My Pet Kingdom includes a new setting called "Big Mode", which can be found in the Options menu. It doubles the size of the window for those...
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My Pet Kingdom Post-Mortem
Background As I've mentioned in a few other posts, My Pet Kingdom was originally designed for #Lowrezjam 2016 which asked developers to make a game that was 64x...
Bug update!
Fixed a bug in this version where the came would try to produce acorns from trees that no longer existed...
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My Pet Kingdom release
I have re-released My Pet Kingdom, this time a more complete version! Originally designed for , I polished it up, fixed 99% of...
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