My Pet Kingdom release

I have re-released My Pet Kingdom, this time a more complete version!

Originally designed for, I polished it up, fixed 99% of the bugs, added a ton more, fixed most of those, added more resources and structures, added sounds, music, and generally turned it into a better game. It plays pretty much exactly like the original, so if you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy this!

If you want to know more about the processes behind the bug-fixing and designing a save/load feature from scratch, or you're just curious about what I'm doing, you can follow me at my Patreon account:



My Pet Kingdom - Demo.rar 6 MB
Aug 04, 2018
My Pet Kingdom.rar 6 MB
Aug 04, 2018
My Pet Kingdom - Includes soundtrack.rar 17 MB
Aug 04, 2018

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