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Escape From Redsand Hills is a prototype for a game I made pretty early on when I was still learning the basics of scripting. It has the potential to be a fun little game, with simply controls but and increasing difficulty curve, and right now it's on my back-burner of things to develop.

How to play

The controls are extremely simple: click on a house that has an exclamation mark and watch the human attempt to run to the helipad.

Guns: When you get pistols or shotguns, click on the gun and then click on the house with the survivor you want to give it to. They will shoot nearby zombies until they run out of ammo or none are in range.

Dynamite: Select the dynamite and then click on destroyed house to clear it.

Air strike: Select the bomb icon, then click somewhere on the map to cause an explosion. This will kill all zombies and humans within a certain radius.

  • Levels are only complete if you save ALL the humans (a feature I would change in the full game).
  • If you lose a human to the zombies (or other mishap), hit the circular arrow to reset the stage.
  • If you don't feel like completing a level, skip to any of the missions by clicking on one of the numbered boxes at the top.

Future Features

For the full game, I have the following features planned:

  • More guns and weapons (minigun, flamethrower, grenades).
  • Random map generator.
  • Different map-types (suburbs, downtown, outskirts, industrial, etc.).
  • Player inventory, so items can be carried over from one map to another.
  • Main campaign that introduces the player to all the concepts.
  • Different zombie types (faster, slower, resilient, zombie dogs, etc.).
  • Different hazards (toxic spills, fire, etc.).
  • Special items to guide humans (flares, drones, sandbags, barbed wire).
  • Possibly a crafting system, if I can make it fun.

Let me know your thoughts!

For more on what I’m currently developing and the opportunity to support my efforts, stop by my Patreon page!


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